Tuesday, 21 September 2010

NCF in St Lucia

The National Community Foundation is derived from the Christian not-for-profit  body; New Life International, which was established in 1979. NCF continues the humanitarian principles of giving with purpose through evangelical sponsorship. 

The organisation raises funds from private donors who wish to contribute to and invest in the growth of communities around the world in a structured and beneficial way. It largely functions as a grant making institution and supports and broad range of community endeavours that support or develop education, culture, social services, health, sanitation and community cohesion. 

The Foundation works alongside other similar NGO’s and government bodies to achieve its goals and has links to many local corporations or external trade investors. In St Lucia many commercial organisations support the NCF as part of a corporate responsibility commitment and an awareness that sustainable development may be required to ensure long term growth and therefor continued business prospects. 

The National Community Foundation have been a large presence t in St Lucia for the last 7 years organising sponsored walks and annual telethons. The 2010 National Telethon is projected to raise approximately $EC250, 000.00 for the organisation. According to Julia Alfred, the telethon’s organiser there are ‘new features’ added this year including celebrities volunteering as call handlers.

The NCF in St Lucia is working closely with the National Insurance Corporation and many St Lucian’s have donated generously to the cause.